Productive Stamping Solutions, Inc.
Offering Solutions to all of  your Metal Stamping Problems:
New **
  • Aida Presses -  OBS and Straighside Presses. Aida offers a large in-stock inventory as well as custom built presses for your application.  

  • Airam Press - Pneumatic Presses from 3 to 210 tons.

  • Bennett Tool & Die  - Coil Bridge Conveyor and Conveyor Systems

  • Duraglider - Shaker Systems for Slug and Scrap Removal

  • FeedLease Corporation  - Servo Feeds, Coil Handling Equipment, Straighteners, Space-saver Systems

  • Greenerd Press - Hydraulic Presses, Gap and Straight Sides 3 ton to 3000 ton

  • Hansford Manufacturing - Die Carts and Die Handling Systems

  • Helm Instrument Co.  - Tonnage monitors, Press and Automation Controls, Die Protection, and Safety Lights
  • Irmco, Inc. - Non-oil based Synthetic Fluids for Stamping and Drawing.

  • Kosmek - Quick Die Change Systems
New **
  • Lane Punch  -  Punches, Die Buttons, Retainers, Die Springs and Nitrogen Cylinders

  • P/A Industries - Servo Feeds, Straighetners and Reels

  • Phygen - High strength die coating process

  • QC Industries - Low Profile Conveyors

  • Unist Inc. - Programmable Roll Coaters and Spray Systems

  • Vibro Dynamics Corp - Machinery Mounts and Mounting Systems

  • Other Services - punches, die buttons, retainers, die spings; used equipment; OSHA press surveys; machinery appraisals
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